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This form gives us the basic instructions to start your service and confirms your request for service. Your Personal Account Manager will contact you to clarify any outstanding points and discuss your requirements in more detail.

1. Which Services do you require?

Mailing address at: Quarterly 6 Monthly
(inc. 5% Discount)
(inc. 10% Discount)
78 York Street, W1 £75.00 £142.50 £270.00
40 per month less discount*
of 15 per month.

I would like my mail forwarded & acknowledge the working deposit due of £25.00 against mail forwarding costs.

I will be using this address as a Registered Office Address
Ticking this box adds £10.00 monthly, £60 half yearly & £120 annually

*Please note this discount applies to the first year only.
In subsequent years, the 6 & 12 monthly advance payments will still attract the discounts of 5% & 10%, but on the list rate.

2. Your Company information


Company Name




Main Contact








Email Address





3. Mail handling options

     Mail held for collection (+ £5.00 per month)

     Mail forwarded - daily

     Mail forwarded - weekly

     Mail forwarded to address below (please specify in 'Notes')

     Mail periodically sent via courier (please specify in 'Notes')

4. Payment

      Please note that this site is a secure environment for the purpose of transacting by credit card as indicated by the padlock on your browser.

 Periodic Standing Charge

 Set Up fee

 Working deposit

 Sub Total

 VAT @20%



 Convert Currency

5. Method of Payment

Method of initial payment

Debit Card

Credit Card



Bank Transfer


Direct Debit

Method of ongoing

Credit/Debit Card

Standing Order

Direct Debit

monthly payment


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Valid From:

Issue Number:

Security Code:


Billing address if different from above:

I authorise 78w1, until further notice to charge my credit/debit card the total invoice amount on or around the 7th of each month. I will advise you immediately if the card becomes lost, stolen or if I wish to close my card account or cancel the authority.


I have read the Terms and Conditions. Please start the service on:  

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6. Notes


Any special instructions you may have should be listed here:


7. Once you have filled in your details, either print and send the form via fax or post

     or submit your details electronically and we will contact you to confirm receipt


Contact Details
Tel +44 (0) 20 7504 7078
Fax +44 (0) 20 7504 7079
Email sales@78w1.com
Address: 78 York Street, London. W1H 1DP

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